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Frequently asked questions

Questions for Herbiko syrups

  • For how long one can use Herbiko® once it’s bottle is opened?

    If you keep it as explained in the instructions, you can use it until it’s deadline.

  • Can a 10 year old use Herbiko® syrup?

    There are two separated variations of Herbiko®syrup: Herbiko® cough syrup and Herbiko® syrup for children, which is developed for children for the kids up till 7 years old. Considering that your child is older than 7, we recommend the regular Herbiko® Cough Syrup, 3 times a day.

  • How long before Herbiko® stops the coughing?

    Cough usually stops within 7-10 days. If it doesn’t go away, consult with your doctor for further analysis.

  • My child has a gluten allergy. Is he allowed to take Herbiko®?

    Your child can use Herbiko® syrup, as it doesn’t contain gluten.

  • Can I use Herbiko® along antibiotics?

    Herbiko® can be combined with other medications, including antibiotics.

  • I am diabetic, can I use Herbiko® cough syrup?

    Herbiko® cough syrup for adults doesn’t contain sugar, therefore it can be taken by diabetics.

  • When is the best time to take Herbiko syrup, before or after the meal?

    It is advised to take the syrup half an hour before the meal, because of improved absorption of the active ingredients.